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The Evolution of Music is Paralleled by the Multiplication of the Machine
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2nd-Jun-2010 12:02 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • I did a little bit of record shopping this week in preparation for next week's gig, and scored the new Scorn album... bit.ly/dvxuhd #

1st-Jun-2010 12:02 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • Holy Shit, the Blood of Heroes album is amazing! Easily one of the best albums of the year. #

27th-May-2010 12:01 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2
  • @ms_jen it's ok, kids need a little fear in their lives. especially 8th graders. #
  • @3by3music it needs to be sampled! #
13th-May-2010 12:01 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • @candlesayshi I started to play that game that with speedcore and Venetian Snares, it's really fun, haha #

12th-May-2010 12:01 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • @candlesayshi how's the learning curve treating you? I'm still boggled by the endless possibilities! #

6th-May-2010 12:02 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • The capabilities of the MachineDrum are shattering my mind. It's overwhelming! #

4th-May-2010 12:05 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2

  • It's time for your monthly fix of distorted beats and bass! Come out to Death Guild tonight, I'm spinning at midnight! bit.ly/aFv9ed #

20th-Apr-2010 12:01 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2
  • @_caustic_ it's abused in electronic music like auto tune is abused in mainstream hip hop. I can hear it on soo many records. "IDM" in a box #
  • @_caustic_ don't even get me started on the vangaurd... ugh. #
  • nice! me too! RT @Euphiophone: Want to hear this! RT @3by3music Deadfader remix of Murder Us just hit my inbox! /via @King_Cannibal #
  • @_caustic_ Just because combichrist does it, doesn't mean everyone else should. :P #
  • mmm sounds good. RT @_caustic_: Think Ministry meets Godflesh meets Bassnectar meets Helmet all puked out of my sonic belly... #
  • @_caustic_ whatever makes you sleep better at night, haha. ;) #
19th-Apr-2010 12:02 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2
  • @jwjs one is black, the other is silver. #
  • @cyanotic it's almost as overused as autotune. #
17th-Apr-2010 12:00 am - Unfit Ramblings
Me v2
  • Do you like dark grinding bass + distorted industrial beats? Follow @3by3music ! Stay informed on the happenings of Cloaks, DeadFader + more #
  • @Cenotype You better make something good! You're long overdue for a new release. I will break your knee caps if I don't hear progress! ;) #
  • @NtrmDscrptr shit, I left my phone at home. work was so dead, i could have easily gone. hope you have fun... #
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